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It's amazing that people in our situations, disability, have found a passion. Congrats on being the number two guy at the blog. I started an online support group. If you need any help with it, email me.

Kirk Davis

Hi Lola. My name is Kirk. I have Lupus Nephritis, SLE, RA, Blood clots and Reynaud's among other things. I was diagnosed in 2007 and after about 2 years in the hospital, things are finally manageable. Hearing people in the background say things like, "He's a goner" and coming through 3 bouts of aspirated pneumonia, re-learning to walk 3 times and 8 months of swallow therapy because I was tube fed for over a year, has made me stronger, but I couldn't have done it without my faith. I used to be a Union Pipefitter, but was forced into a disability retirement. I found a football Blog called MileHighReport.com and started writing about mt favorite team, the Denver Broncos. Now I am the #2 guy there and having a ball. I want to start a Lupus support group here in Colorado Springs, Colorado where I live. I have participated in the Denver Lupus walk since it's inception 3 years ago and plan to do it again in May. Be strong, be blessed and never give up.

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